Dear parents, dear childen,

my name is Tobias Maier.  I’m the school social worker at KGS Dellbrück (Thurner Straße only) since 2017.

My job is to provide support for students who have recently migrated to Germany, for example through:

– social training and education during morning classes
– preventative and active work in (small) groups
– counsel on applications for funding from the Bildungs- und
Teilhabepaket (BuT)
– counsel on school, family and personal issues
– convey of extracurricular help
– etc.

My office is located in room A005, left next to the administrative office.
I’m available for you at KGS Dellbrück (Thurnerstraße) every Wednesday and Friday as well as every other Thursday.

You can also get in touch via e-mail:
Or phone: 0221- 96596 25

I’m looking forward to working with you as well as your children.

Yours sincerely
Tobias Maier